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Special Purpose Machinery

Our Special Purpose Machinery division designs, engineers and manufactures bespoke process automation solutions across a wide range of industries. From automotive and aerospace to printing and packaging as well as food and beverage, our technical team works with clients to ensure the optimum solution specific to their requirements and expectations.

Working to support some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we provide turn-key solutions for small to medium sized automation projects ranging from bench-top checking/gauging fixtures to multiple 6 Axis robotic pick and place systems.

We have developed particular expertise working with plastic components in terms of assembly, machining and finishing. In-mould labelling (IML) is a particular strength along with many years experience designing leak testing machines.

All projects are managed in-house by our design and technical team, including concept design, 3D CAD in Solidworks, CNC machining, manufacturing (mechanical, electrical and programming), testing and commissioning.  Working with reputable suppliers, we ensure all materials and components meet strict quality standards.

Our strength is in our ability to assess and understand the needs of each project as well as focusing on client expectations to offer the best solution. Our team of innovative engineers is passionate about delivering the optimum solution, with the ethos to transform ideas into reality to achieve enhanced productivity.

We work with a wide range of industries, particularly automotive, which demands very high standards not only in terms of machine quality, but also in terms of delivery. We have built up our reputation over the years in this area with many long-standing clients who trust us to deliver on time every time to their exacting standards.



Our Specialisation

Assembly Machines

We have designed and engineered a wide range of assembly machines, incorporating custom built automated assembly cells, across a number of industries including automotive, plastics and general engineering.

Typical examples include

  • bowl feeder applications
  • conveyor systems
  • pick & place systems
  • crimping stations
  • insert placement and inspection
  • packaging/sealing applications

All customer solutions are bespoke with our design team taking the time to understand client’s specific requirements in terms of the expectations of the specific machine and how it interacts and integrates with other production processes.


Linear Drives & Robotics

We have designed and engineered many machines based on linear drive technology for automated positioning, transfer and guidance, including multiple axis solutions. We have manufactured innovative and sophisticated assemblies that simplify processes, improve output, increase efficiency and save on cost. A typical example would be an application requiring a highly accurate linear path and speed control.

We have also delivered a number of applications using robotics across varied industries.  Using both cartesian coordinate robotics as well as 6 axis robots we have manufactured special purpose machinery to automate machine tending.

One particular project included two 6-axis robots with a camera to share coordinates and the second robot for accurate product placement. The machines were used as part of our clients’s product development, with our contribution an integral part of the overall project.


Automated Plastic Machining/Finishing

Automated plastic machining and finishing is an area in which we have built up a solid reputation particularly in the automotive industry. We have successfully delivered a number of projects for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as well as for Honda, BMW Mini and Nissan.

Typical projects for the automotive industry include plastic tank welding machine and plastic fuel tank trepanning machines.

Other plastic machining and finishing projects across other industries have included knifing slaves, trimming machines and blow moulding as well as working with glass-filled nylon components.


In-Mould Labelling (IML)

We have built up our expertise in  IML applications over the last seven years working on varied projects, with many clients coming back to us each time they have a further requirement.

The process starts with end-of-arm tooling picking up a specially made thin film (the label) from a stack and placing on to the mould tool in the moulding machine. The film is kept in place with the help of tiny suction pores in the tool. An alternative method is to apply a static charge on the film to keep it in place inside the mould tool.The moulded part is collected by an operator and quality checked for despatch.  


Leak Testing

We manufacture special purpose leak testing machines using standard leak test instruments and custom-built fixtures to provide the best solutions for clients, according to specifications. Applications range from bench-top fixtures to fully automated leak testing machines plus leak testing on air ducts and fuel tanks for the automotive industry and stack flow tests, tap assembly and Ad-blue tanks for general engineering.


In-House Facility

We manufacture all special purpose machinery from our site in Bradford with our technical and design team taking care of all projects. Infrastructure includes 2 and 3 axis CNC Millers, CNC Lathe, Rofin Basel ND Yag Laser and a wide stock of pneumatic components.


Concept Design

All stages of special purpose machinery manufacture from concept design through to final testing and commissioning at your site are managed in-house. Our experienced team of design engineers will work with you to ensure the most competitive and innovative solution for your automation needs. We spend time understanding clients requirements and will recommend automation solutions particular to your individual needs. We have always adopted a consultative approach and welcome feedback from clients throughout the entire process.


Solidworks (3D CAD)

We have been using Solidworks package for over 20 years and work with STP, IGS and Parasolid formats. We have 4 seats of Solidworks (3 x Mechanical and 1 x Electrical) and create 3D CAD drawings to visualise machines before manufacture.



Our manufacturing team is a huge asset to the company and works closely with our design engineers to ensure projects run smoothly and to client requirements.

Facilities: tool room, fabrication, assembly, electrical control and final set up and testing.

Machinery: 2 and 3 axis CNC millers, CNC lathe, Rofin Basel ND Yag Laser. 3D profiles are completed using SprutCAM.

The machines are built to the highest quality standards ensuring they will serve you for many years. We use FESTO pneumatics unless otherwise specified and we are the only FESTO -approved automation partner in West Yorkshire. Other materials used are also of similar standards to deliver high quality machines on a consistent basis.

Out-sourcing is also undertaken when specialist expertise is required for a particular application. This ensures that your machine is built right the first time!


Testing and Commissioning

Once our in-house factory testing has been accepted, our engineering team will test and commission your machine at your site.

We manage projects through the whole process, from design, through manufacture, commissioning and beyond.  Even when the project has been delivered, we are always on hand for advice and support and to assist with minor modifications, if required.


We have our in-house programmer who is regularly engaged in programming for PLC/HMI, servo drives, vision systems and is available to discuss your specific requirements.