Following on from two successful process automation projects, TF was commissioned to provide a solution to automate a time consuming parts-handling manual process for one of the world’s leading supplier of fasteners to the aerospace industry.

The manual hot forming process involved an operator performing three operations by hand to thread the individual fasteners, which was slow and laborious with the opportunity for operator error and poor consistency. The challenge for TF Automation was to design and engineer an automated process to improve output efficiency and maintain consistent quality  – critical in the aerospace industry.

TF’s in-house team designed and manufactured a bespoke machine using a robot to carry out the product handling task. One of the remits was also to ensure that if the robot failed, the process could still be carried out manually – so the machine was designed with enough space to allow for this. The hot forming process now produces around 66% more parts per hour than the original manual process. Due to the production efficiencies achieved by this installation and the improvement in output as well as quality and consistency, a second machine is being commissioned. Once both machines are up and running, output will be at 4 times that of the original manual system.

We provided the client with a cost effective solution, enabling them to work quicker and smarter and realise the improved output efficiencies.