The challenge for TF Automation for this project was to design a system to dot mark fulcrum steel pivot pins for identification and tracking purposes. The machine was required to move the steel pins, position them individually and then perform the identification marking on one end. The design of the machine needed to be versatile to manage multiple different lengths, shapes and diameters as well as taking into account that there were a number of hollow component options which would require marking on a pitch circle diameter.

Our team has designed a bespoke stand-alone machine with a part-transfer system incorporating a Telesis Dot Peen Marker. The steel pins are loaded manually on to the conveyor and then positioned and dot marked with the relevant identification. The pins are then collected in a tote storage bin.

This versatile system adjusts automatically according to the different pin lengths, diameters and shapes as required by the client to ensure correct positional marking. It was vital for this client that each pin could be easily identified for tracking purposes