Our client required an updated machine from a previous installation to improve production speed, product yield as well as improved consistency and quality

Following the successful commission of a similar machine, our client, a manufacturer of personal respiratory equipment, required an updated machine as part of their continuous improvement strategy. The brief was to substantially improve on the first installation in terms of production speed, product yield as well as improved consistency and quality. The pick-and-place design needed to allow for a tooling change as well as being compatible with existing production and test machines. Our client’s products are required to meet the most stringent safety standards both in terms of quality and consistency.

The multi- stage machine has been designed focusing on improving efficiencies of the original commission, using servo drives to move the product and assembly as required. Items set on carrier trays are presented to the automation and then picked in pairs, processed by the automation and placed into the bottom half of an injection moulding tool. The carriers are then stripped away leaving the items behind which are then overmoulded. The finished product is individually tested and the carriers returned for re-work with the finished, tested parts collated ahead of post-assembly work Our client has reported a four-fold production increase plus improved quality and consistency and minimal stoppages.