TF Automation were recently commissioned to design and build a machine to laser mark tamper-proof labels for part identification of components for a client in the automotive racing industry.

TF Automation have many years of working with suppliers to the automotive industry as well as with the permanent marking of components and parts for traceability and tracking purposes. The requirement for this project was to build the mechanical package to integrate into the laser marking technology.

The machine feeds laser sensitive tape into the desk top Easy Mark laser system. The tape is then laser marked with the pre-programmed relevant part identification information and then also cut to length. The laser also cuts around the tape to provide a peelable label. The “labels” are then ready to be adhered to the automotive components to offer tracking and traceability for the client.

The EasyMark system features a highly reliable fixed fiber laser source, a moving table and powerful software to deliver unmatched quality and consistency. Incorporating this laser marking system into the TF machine ensures superior mark accuracy and consistency for the client – a particularly important advantage when marking high-value components.

Tony Hubbert, MD at TF Automation, comments, “We have built numerous machines for clients working in the automotive supply chain and we hope to work on more projects with this particular customer. We are seeing that product identification for traceability is ever increasing and tamperproof laser marking technology is ideal for these types of projects. “

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