TF Automation were approached by Parker Filtration to replace and update part of a production line for the manufacture of oil filters. This is TF’s first of several automation projects for Parker Filtration, although we have supplied them with pneumatic components for a number of years.

The machine was required to improve the production efficiency of what was a very high maintenance line to create a seam between an oil filter cylinder and cap, whilst also presenting the finished item correctly to its next stage of production.

The design team at TF re-engineered the complete system using the existing conveyor loop provided by the customer. The filters are placed on the conveyor manually and the conveyor then moves the item to one of two seamer lift stations. Using pneumatics, the seamer lift station pushes the cylinder firmly into the lid to create the seam.

The filter moves along the conveyor to the final station which lifts and turns the cylinder 180 degrees, using a servo lift axis which caters for different cylinder lengths. The cylinder is then correctly oriented for the next stage of production which is to screen print for identification purposes. The whole process is managed by a new control system designed by the TF project team.