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IR-LED Assembly

The Company

The customer is one of the leading manufacturers of fire detection solutions in the world for both commercial and industrial applications. The company believes that innovation drives their product development programme, with continuous exploration of leading-edge technologies. They trusted TF Automation to improve their production capacity and by delivering exactly to their expectations, we acquired another repeat customer!

The Challenge

The customer was using 20 assembly workers sat at tables to assemble glass LEDs into symmetrical mouldings, doing just this all day. The work required no human input other than physical labour.

The Solution

2 bowl feeders sort and feed the mouldings, one open side up, the other open side down. The glass LED is also sorted and fed line astern along a feed track. Pneumatic linear pick and place units populate fixtures around the perimeter of the rotary table. A checking station clips the 2 halves together to complete the assembly. The finished piece is blown out of the fixture up a tube and into a bin. The bins are indexed along a belt conveyor. Our automation solution resulted in these operatives being reassigned to other more meaningful work. Approximate time between operator interventions is 30 minutes.
IR-LED Assembly

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