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Process Improvement

Experts in process improvement, TF Automation support clients with the integration of equipment into existing production facilities and process lines with the focus on improving efficiency, increasing output and reducing cost.

We have been designing , engineering and manufacturing special purpose machinery for many years and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide variety of applications, manufacturing complete machines for whole processes as well as additional components to fit within an existing process.

Our experienced design and engineering team will assess your requirements and then suggest recommendations. We offer clients full technical advice they need on product specification and integration to ensure they get optimum solution


Product Handling

TF Automation takes a consultative approach to product handling processes with the focus on improving production efficiency, saving time and ensuring a cost effective solution. Sometimes, even slight improvements on your processes can give considerable improvement in manufacturing processes.

Examples of design and build of product handling systems…

•  Vacuum pick and place
•  Product turnovers
•  In-feed systems
•  Collation/diverters /accumulators
•  In line inspection and scanning systems
•  Product testing

…plus many more!

If you need help with a product handling system project or would like to discuss how you might improve your production efficiencies, please get in touch



Our pneumatics supply partner, FESTO, offers a number of training packages which are highly welcomed by our customers. These packages include training on the fundamentals of pneumatic, mechatronics, safety, electro- pneumatics, design and energy saving. Courses are typically run at FESTO locations or in company to provide clients with a greater focus on the requirements of their business, increased flexibility and reduced expenses.


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